Modern technical devices should be mobile and compact and require minimal technical support and maintenance. Considering the steady increase in power of such devices and the accompanying heat generation, which in most cases leads to failures, heat flow management or thermal management is a necessary condition for ensuring the reliability of such devices.


We offer a multidisciplinary service includes:


  • development elements and systems of passive / active cooling in led lighting systems according to the customer requirements
  • engineering, consulting in the field of thermal management in electronics, instrumentation, and mechanical engineering
  • development of production technologies for high-heat-conducting composite materials
  • research and development in the field of materials and active devices for thermal management
  • services of supply and sale  the materials with  high thermal conductivity  , composites, interface materials, active solders, heat pipes, assemblies with heat pipes, radiators, cold plates, foams, heat-insulating materials, hydraulic cooling systems, active ventilation systems, fasteners for thermal management systems
  • engineering, design, modeling of thermal management systems