Magnesium hydride / MgH2

The product is intended for use as hydrogen-containing components of cosmetic products (masks, patches, sprays, Soaps, gels, creams), a component of rocket and aviation fuel, a catalyst in the pharmaceutical industry, a catalyst for the production of nanoscale metal particles, raw materials for storing hydrogen, raw materials for powder metallurgy, a catalyst in petrochemical processing, a precursor for obtaining metal hydride compounds, a material for storing energy, a material for anodes used in lithium ion batteries.

Magnesium hydride is producing by using our own patented technology (patent no. 2708001).

Product description: light gray powder

  The degree of hydrogenation


  Particle size

  0.1 - 0.5 µm

  Molar mass

  26.3209 g/mol


  Light grey powder


  1.45 g / cm3

  Solubility in water




  Class DG


  Specific heat capacity (C)

  35.4 j/mol K

  Standard molar entropy

  31.1 j/mol K

  Std enthalpy of formation

  - 75.2 kJ/mol

  Gibbs free energy

  - 35.9 kJ/mol


Packaging: Magnesium hydride is packed in sealed polypropylene bags and metal cylindrical shape containers. In agreement with the customer and depending on the conditions of transportation, it can be packed in any other containers ensuring tightness.


Certificates: TU 20.13.64-001-25271384-2019; MSDS; Chemical safety data Sheet.